Who we are

Our natural skin care company (started in 2000) has been created by skin specialists with an expertise in treating skin conditions

The products were initially developed in a clinical setting for over seven years, treating a wide variety of skin complaints that were presented at our clinics. They have become so popular that we ecently decided to launch them nationwide.

We work with Health Professionals that specialise in Eczema within the U.K.

Eczema Skin Cream

Our most popular brand of eczema cream. Many of our clients not only use this for eczema but also for very dry skin, sunburn, urticaria and dermatitis. The anti-inflammatory properties of this cream will help cool and reduce itching, it relieves patches of redness for dry irritated conditions.

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“I used the Eczema cream for at least 2 years. It has a beautiful base for conditioning and soothing the skin"


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